After over 25 years of involvement with the Arabian Horse at
Sans Souci

        The Future Is Now!

At SANS SOUCI we have always believed in the "beautiful athlete", the conformationally correct and strikingly beautiful horse that is also a winning performance horse. Utilizing the horses of Polish breeding, with their decades of performance testing, and crossing these with the other available breeding programs has ultimately produced this "best of all worlds" Arabian. This is the focus and the result of the breeding program at SANS SOUCI.

The Polish program stresses trainability and a desire to perform in their horses, both highly necessary in today's competitive show ring. At Sans Souci we have blended the talent of *EL MUDIR, the strength and heart of *BANAT and COMET and the beauty and charisma of National Champions *ALADDINN and *WIZJA through their son National Champion WARRANTY with the blood of such greats as*BASK, ALI JAMAL and BEY SHAH to produce a beautiful athletic Arabian who is successful as both a halter and performance competitor.

Sans Souci Mares and Foals



The horses you see on these pages, both our foundation breeding stock and our sale stock, are testimony to our dedication to the Arabian breed, both it's history and it's future!

Sans Souci Arabians

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