Sans Souci to stand a new Sweepstakes Nominated Friesian stallion

In 2007 the  impeccably bred young Friesian stallion Sans Souci Melle will be added to the list of stallions standing at stud at SANS SOUCI SHOW HORSES in North Carolina.

An import from the Netherlands, Melle carries some of the best Friesian blood found in the entire world.  With his “hooky” ears, long well set neck and extreme hock and knee action he is expected to sire a range of talented Half Arabian offspring ranging from English Pleasure to Dressage and Carriage Driving contenders. 

Here's a horse from Holland that TROTS and is BEAUTIFUL as well!

Come join with Sans Souci in the exciting world of the Arabian/Friesian cross as Melle will be available to a limited number of mares in 2007.

Watch our “STALLIONS” page for more information and photos of “ MELLE”

Arabians and Friesians
“The Horses of Sultans and Kings”


to Lyssa Wetz and SS See Spot Trot

Lyssa Wetz of Huber Heights, Ohio and SS SEE SPOT TROT (Painted Perfection x  La Duende) shown going 2006 Region 13 Top Five English Pleasure AAOTR 18-39.  We at Sans Souci are especially proud of them since Spot was 18 years of age at the time of this win!

to Joan Roland of Owega, New York, on her acquisition of the
Pure Polish Stallion, Sans Souci Banat

Sans Souci Banat

Banat is sired by the Comet/Bask bred stallion Komisja and is out of one of the most beautiful Banat daughters, Banataaa, who was one of Sans Souci's foundation mares.

We at Sans Souci are delighted that Banat will join the breeding herd of this dedicated breeder of Polish line horses.


to Denise Dunlap on her purchase of Sans Souci Just A Warrior

Sans Souci Justa Warrior

This beautiful 4 year old bay gelding is sired by Justafire DGL and out of the Warranty daughter Sans Souci Souvenir of War.

We are especially pleased to have Denise purchase Warrior because Denise bought her first Arabian, Clair Delune, through Sans Souci 12 years ago. Clair has been a great Western Pleasure and Hunter Pleasure competitor for Denise but now at 18 years of age she is will take a vacation from competition while Denise concentrates on Junior horse, AOTR and AOTH classes with Warrior.

Announcing Sans Souci's latest Friesian Edition!
VICTORY van SANS SOUCI was born June 20th and she is SPECIAL!

Out of the Ster mare Viola A. and sired by the spectacular NANNING 374 this beautiful filly is strong, corrrect and upright.   Not only is she conformationally exceptional she  carries some of the most outstanding  Friesian blood in the world. Her dam is sister to the top indexing stallion in the Netherlands in both conformation AND movement and her sire is the sire of an approved stallion and has never been below 1st Premium when shown.

We are excited to have bred her and to be able to offer her for sale at this time.



to Paige Lilly and Reward fan't Sans Souci
shown winning their first time out.

 We at Sans Souci are extremely proud of both of them.

Sans Souci's Newest Addition
Sans Souci Hollywood Music

 Sire: Ltl Son of a Dun by Hollywood Dun It
 Dam: Sans Souci Music of War by Warranty

Born: March 20, 2006           Photos: March 30, 2006

She's here! She's a beautiful and typy palomino and she is all that we could have wished for!

Here are the first shots of Music of War's 2006 foal by Litl Son of a Dun. It looks like she is going to live up to her  athletic pedigree.  She seems to already be working on her reining skills.

"sliding" at 10 days of age

"large fast circles"

"180 turn left"

"more circle work"

"small slow circle"


Sans Souci to stand
Sweepstakes Nominated Friesian Stallion

In 2006 the impeccably bred young Friesian stallion Sans Souci Mellow will be added to the list of stallions standing at stud at SANS SOUCI SHOW HORSES in North Carolina.

A Dutch import, Mellow carries some of the best Friesian blood found in the entire world. With his “hooky” ears, long well set neck and extreme hock and knee action he is expected to sire a range of talented Half Arabian offspring ranging from English Pleasure to Dressage and Carriage Driving contenders. His book in 2006 will be extremely limited but we are already accepting bookings for 2007 which will be his true debut year into the breeding shed.

Here's a horse from Holland that TROTS and is BEAUTIFUL as well!

Come join with Sans Souci in the exciting world of the Arabian/Friesian cross.

Watch our "STALLIONS" page for more information and photos of "MELLOW"


“The Horses of Sultans and Kings

Happy Birthday Greetings to
Al Marah Sans Souci
(celebrating his 31st birthday on 2/2/06)

Souci was the farm's founding breeding stallion, but perhaps more importantly, he is the ultimate emissary for the Arabian breed. His classic head, outgoing personality and wonferful trainability have been a positive influence for the Arabian breed throughout his life. He has proven himself as a sire as his foals have been National Performance Champions and wonderful pleasure riding companions, both equally important to our breed. What more could we ask of any equine!

Thank you Bazy Tankersly, for helping me start the process toward my dream when you sold me this wonderful 5 month old colt back in 1975.


SCA Charleston
WCAHA High Point Half-Arabian Sport Horse in Hand

SCA CHARLESTON ( Warranty x Elegant Toi) is WCAHA High Point Half Arabian Sport Horse In Hand!

During award presentations at the WCAHA Annual Banquet on January 28 th Charleston was presented the 2005 High Point Award for the Sport Horse In Hand division.


M A March Wind

December 12, 2005: Yesterday was a sad day at Sans Souci as it saw the passing of one of the last remaining *El Mudir daughters, M A March Wind passed away during the night.   She was 28 years old. 

March Wind had been blind for the last years of her life. During these years it was incredible to see her last foal, a filly by Warranty, guiding her around the pastures and "protecting" her from the other broodmares by always being between her and any potential threat. During the last year her blindness had become so complete that she had her own private paddock or occasionally shared one with her sister, Mudia, dam of  Premise and probably now, at 29, the last living *El Mudir daughter.  

We will miss March Wind, we will miss her cadenced trot and her gentle disposition, her dark liquid eyes and her elderly equine wisdom.   She rests beside her sister La Duende in the shadow of the Carolina mountains. 

Grace with the three El Mudir daughters:
La Duende, March Wind, and Mudia



Sans Souci Show Horses wishes to announce the show ring debut of our most recent Class A winner, SANS SOUCI GOLDN WARRIOR.

Goldie, who is out of the WARRANTY daughter, Sans Souci Souvenir of War, was winner of the WCAHA Futurity and also of the Two and under Half-Arabian Geldings and the Half-Arabian Geldings AOTH All Ages classes at the recent WCAHA Fall All Arabian Show.

We regrettably cannot include Championship wins as he was ineligible to compete in any of the associated Championships since Goldie is only a weanling!

Watch for this beautiful palomino colt in Half-Arabian Breeders Sweepstakes Yearling classes in 2006, or better yet, enter him in them yourself since Goldn Warrior is For Sale.

Sans Souci's First Friesian Foal

He's here!!  Sans Souci's first Friesian foal is here and he is SUPER!  Sired by 1st Premium sire AIT 410, who stands at stud in the Netherlands, and out of Sans Souci's recently imported Friesian STER mare VIOLA A Reward fan't Sans Souci is a very special guy.  He is FOR SALE!

Jitske Grytsje Arrives at Sans Souci

The last of Sans Souci's Friesians from the Netherlands is shown being released from quarantine in New York following her importation from Friesland. 

Jitske Grytsje is a coming two year old Tsjalke daughter who will be one of the mainstays of the Sans Souci Friesian broodmare band.  Plans are to show her for Ster in 2006.  The horses were released during what amounted to a small blizzard  and after a harrowing trip home are now safe and sound at home in Marion, North Carolina.  Grace says there's a little language barrier but the horses are learning English considerably faster than she is learning  Dutch!!! 


SCA Charleston
(Warranty x Elegant Toi by Painted Perfection)
Is High Score Sport Horse at the WCAHA Spring Show

In his debut as a Sport Horse in Hand  the beautiful black 3/4 Arabian gelding, SCA Charleston, shown by Grace Greenlee, achieved the following wins:

  • 1st Place     Half-Arabian Sport Horse gelding 3 and over 
  • 1st Place     Half-Arabian Sport Horse geldings all ages, ATH  
  • Champion   Half Arabian Sport Horse Geldings  
  • Champion   Half Arabian Sport Horse geldings, ATH

In addition he was HIGH SCORE Sport Horse of the entire show with a score of  75.5. Beautiful under saddle as well as in hand this elegant Nationals caliber half Arabian is FOR SALE.

It's ANOTHER Palomino Half-Arabian at Sans Souci!

Sans Souci Gold Warrior

Hard to believe this head is on a foal that is only Half Arabian!!!!
Sans Souci Gold Warrior is pictured at only 3 hours old. He came two weeks early but he is frisky and beautiful!! Sired by the beautiful and talented  Cremello Saddlebred, Vanilla Hot Shot, and out of the beautiful Pure Polish Warranty daughter Sans Souci Gift of War he is every thing we had hoped for.  Sweepstakes and National Futurity nominated he is going to be hard to beat!

He's Here and He's GORGEOUS!!!


Sired by the Cremello Saddlebred, Vanilla Hot Shot and out of the beautiful Warranty daughter Sans Souci Souvenir of War, this beautiful Palomino colt is FOR SALE. SPECIAL PRICE prior to weaning.

Grace Attends Stallion Show in Leeuwarden, Netherlands

Wibe 402 sire of the 2004 Friesian colt MELLE W. who will soon make Sans Souci his new home.

Grace and the Friesian stallion AIT 410 sire of Sans Souci's new Friesian yearling filly MAAIKE.

Grace has just returned from a trip to the Netherlands where she attended the National Stallion Show and visited various breeding farms of Friesian horses, named for Friesland, the providence where they are bred. Most people associate this breed with the massive black stallion ridden by the character Navarre in the movie “Ladyhawk”. The romance of the Friesian horse extends as far back as the Crusades where this warhorse carried knights into battle and to as recent as the modern show ring where the Friesian is a highly competitive participant in high level dressage and show ring competition.

Like many breeds the Friesian carries Arabian blood within its heritage. The cross of the modern day Friesian and Arabian makes an excellent mount, especially for a child or beginner rider who needs a larger sized yet quiet mount, as it combines the refined beauty, intelligence and endurance of the Arabian with the extreme gentleness and quiet attitude of the Friesian producing a large dark impressive but quiet horse with stamina and refined beauty and impressive action, with some lines displaying dressage ( sport horse) movement and others being extreme trotters breaking well over level and making excellent English pleasure and Country English pleasure competitors. Sans Souci is currently pursuing this cross in its Half-Arabian breeding program. ( See the new Friesian page soon to be a part of this web site for further updates on Friesians at Sans Souci).

Grace's trip provided research for further implementation of this wonderful equine cross and also a better understanding of the purebred Frisian horse. While in Friesland she attended the National Stallion Show in Leeuwarden, which is one of the last steps in a long process necessary for approval of a Friesian stallion for breeding. Earlier in the year over 450 three-year-old Friesian stallions began a testing process for conformation, movement and structural and breeding soundness. By the beginning of the show only 67 horses remained after the rigid elimination rounds. On Friday and Saturday Jan 21st and 22nd these 67 were judged both free and in hand and further reduced to 23 which will go forward for 60 days more training at a central training facility and then be further reduced in number, usually by half. The 10-12 remaining three year olds will be allowed to stand as stallions for 4-5 years in a provisional status and will then again be judged on their offspring. At that time, dependant on their offspring quality, they will be either finally approved as breeding stallions or rejected and removed from the approved breeding list. Currently in the U.S. there are less than 20 approved Friesian stallions, there is a larger group in Friesland but the number is still very limited.

Following the show Grace was guest of several of the breeding farms and training centers where she was able to view the results of the Friesian breeders individual programs and observe Friesians being trained both under saddle and for driving. After several days of farm visits she spent a day touring Amsterdam before returning home.



It is with great sorrow that Sans Souci announces the passing of one of the world's last Banat daughters, *Banataaa . Out of Countess Lewenhaupt's great Negatiw daughter Nebulosa, Banataaa was Swedish Reserve National Champion mare and a foundation Pure Polish mare for Sans Souci. * Banataaa passed away quietly in her sleep on January 31. She leaves a great emptiness in her passing but her presence will be felt through her daughters ,Sans Souci Banata sired by Komisja ( Mon Ta Basko x Cometa) and Sans Souci Promise of War sired by Warranty and her son Sans Souci Banat, also by Komisja, who remain in the Sans Souci breeding herd. During her lifetime *Banataaa produced 16 offspring 15 purebreds and one Half-Arabian. She will be greatly missed.

Grace Greenlee is recipient of the
2004 National Volunteer Award from AHA

Grace was one of only three AHA members to receive the AHA National Volunteer Award for 2004. The award was presented during the President's Banquet held at the conclusion of the AHA Annual Convention in Anchorage, Alaska.  Grace was cited for her work with the Registration Commission,  Breeder's Sweepstakes Commission,  Sport Horse National Show Commission, the U.S. National Show and for personal promotional work  with the McDowell extension office which introduced over 800 McDowell county fourth graders to the Arabian horse.

Grace Greenlee to Judge the 2005 Canadian Nationals

Sans Souci is pleased to announce that Grace has been selected as one of the judges for the Canadian National Championships in 2005. She will be judging the Western Pleasure and related divisions and Stallion Halter. While all the nationals classes are extremely important the outcome of the Stallion Halter class will undoubtedly make the largest impact of any single class on the breed's genetic pool.  Judging this class is an especially great honor and responsibility and it will be approached by Grace with dedication and the determination to select the horse whose genetic make up, as displayed by his phenotype, most closely approaches the Arabian breed ideal. 

Sans Souci's most special WARRANTY daughters
will be bred to ML MOSTLY PADRON in 2005


This week, October 26, 2004, I had the opportunity to view ML Mostly Padron for the first time since his 2002 yearling show ring triumphs. I am impressed. He makes his return to the ring in 2005 in Scottsdale. I am excited.

ML Mostly Padron is so like Padron that you feel almost transported in time. However, on closer scrutiny you realize that the horse before you is actually a refinement of his illustrious grandsire. He is more chiseled and more extreme. Perhaps it is most correct to say that he is the 21st century personification of this great sire, the horse that founded the current dynasty of great halter winners in the Arabian breed. Along with his inherent beauty MOSTLY PADRON is also a stallion with the geometric conformational proportions of a performance sire. He is a horse with an extremely desirable rear cannon to upper leg ratio thus giving him the “low hocked” configuration required to allow the collection and engagement necessary for this exotic halter winner to both be and produce a performance winning horse. I truly believe that this horse and his offspring will “ wear leather” and wear it well!

We at Sans Souci are dedicated to maintaining a breeding program that both emphasizes the exquisite beauty and maintains the athletic integrity of the Arabian breed. For this reason we are committing several daughters of Australian National Halter Champion and Canadian Reserve National Performance Champion WARRANTY (National Champion *Aladdinn x National Champion *Wizja) to the breeding band of ML MOSTLY PADRON for the 2005 season. Our Pinto Saddlebred daughter of multiple national producing Painted Perfection and the Reserve World Champion 5 Gaited mare Bourbon Raven will also be bred to him. 2006 will be an exciting year!!



Sans Souci Regional News

Congratulations to Sans Souci Clouds of War and owner Claude Scott of Georgia for their win at the Region 15 Championships Cloud was 2004 Reserve Regional Champion Halter Gelding AOTH. Sans Souci Clouds of War is FOR SALE.

Sans Souci congratulates Holly Schryer and Sans Souci Spotlights and Roses (Painted Perfection x La Duende) on becomming Region XII CHAMPIONS in JOTR Half-Arabian Hunter Pleasure for 2004.  Look for this exceptional team making their Nationals debut at  Youth Nationals in July.

SANS SOUCI JUST A WARRIOR (see sales page) was REGION XII Top Ten Sweepstakes two year old gelding.  

Sans Souci
Announces the Arrival of an Exciting Addition

Contessa Bint Vanyel

Sire: Vanyel

Sans Souci's newest addition should be a sport horse supreme, CONTESSA BINT VANYEL is sired by the Friesian stallion VANYEL and out of the Arabian mare Giana DE (Don Ibn Bask x Gariana ) a well bred mare who brings the blood of *Bask (through Don Ibn Bask), Serafix and Al Fahir (through National Champion High Hopes) as well as Garis and Ferzon to the pedigree. Vanyel is a son of the well known Friesian stallion Laes. A champion in his own right, Vanyel was Region 4 Champion Aged Stallion In-hand and was undefeated in his Aged Stallion division with scores to the mid 70's.

This beautiful black/bay filly will represent Sans Souci in the Sport Horse show ring this year in the in-hand classes and should be a top contender in future years in dressage. We would like to thank Blackshire Equestrian Centre of Randolph, Minnesota, owner of Vanyel, for allowing us to acquire this lovely filly. Look for her and our future Arabian/Friesian crosses sired by Blackshire's Friesian stallions Vanyel and Zorro (sire Erik 351) in the winner's circle. Some of these foals will be for sale.

Reference Sire: Zorro (Erik 351)

Contact Grace for information about reserving your 2005 foal.


Ever so often in the horse world an incident occurs that is just plain fun, it's what makes all those late nights, early mornings and all that plain old day to day hard work worthwhile. This year in Australia such an event took place, it involves the Arabian gelding SOLIDARITY KEI who, of course, happens to be a WARRANTY son. The event took place at the 2004 Australian National Championships in mid March. SOLIDARITY in perfect frame and in award winning style brought home NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS in both his Ridden by a Youth and Ridden by an Amateur classes not an easy feat is itself (Australian ridden classes are like a combination of our Hunter Pleasure classes and a dressage suitability class and are VERY competitive) then, just to keep the day from getting boring, SOLIDARITY entered and won a third NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP is a somewhat dissimilar event.

SOLIDARITY KEI is now also Australian National Champion in BARREL RACING!

Following are the photos to prove it!!!

CONGRATULATIONS from all of us at Sans Souci to SOLIDARITY and Kate Leckie his junior and amateur rider and also to KING ESTATE INTERNATIONAL who bred and trained this talented WARRANTY son.

News from the Sans Souci Breeding Shed

Sans Souci has some exciting news. This year we are thrilled to be breeding some of the Warranty daughters for some exceptional Half-Arabian foals in 2005. Two mares will be bred to the exciting young Cremello Saddlebred stallion VANILLA HOT SHOT . Hot Shot is a stretchy and upright young stallion who looks to be extremely talented, in addition he will be a 100% color producer so we can guarantee palomino foals from the chestnut mares and palomino or buckskin mares from the bay dams. We are also breeding two mares to a talented cremello son of the legendary Hollywood Dun It (NRHA ALL TIME leading sire). LTL SON OF A DUN is not only sired by Hollywood Dun It he is also out of Miss Rugged Jac who is a daughter of the incredible AQHA Super Horse Rugged Lark and out of a Hollywood Jac ( sire of Hollywood Dun It) daughter! There just is no better reining and performance breeding and the special bonus is that these will also be palomino or buckskin foals. Ltl Son of a Dun is already a proven reining winner with 4 checks received out of four trips to the competition pen including being in the money in both the ALL AMERICAN REINING FUTURITY and the NRHA FUTURITY. Some of these mares in foal for guaranteed colored Half-Arabian foals will be FOR SALE as 2 in one packages. Call or e-mail Grace for additional details.

Reference Sires

Vanilla Hot Shot

Ltl Son Of A Dun


In memory of La Duende

Tonight (1/10/04) saw the passing of the mare La Duende. When Sans Souci purchased her, over 20 years ago, we were told that her name meant “a fire within” and truly a fire never burned brighter in any equine. She was one of the last daughters of the great park horse *El Mudir and owning her had been a dream of Grace's ever since she had first seen photos of her sire. *El Mudir was born in Poland in 1955 and imported into this country in 1961, his show career's crowning achievement was when he became U. S National Champion Park Horse. He was so unique and ahead of his time that it can truly be said that if he were to suddenly appear in the show ring today he would not only be not out of place with today's “modern” performance horses he would be highly competitive and most probably still a National winner. This makes him truly a unique horse. His daughter, La Duende, born in 1977 was also very special. She never won Nationals, she never stepped in a show ring, but her sons and daughters have been National and Regional winners spanning over 20 years and in two different breeds. They have been National halter winners and endurance ride winners, Regional and Buckeye performance winners and producers of champions. They have left HER mark on the breed and forever on the hearts of all at Sans Souci.

La Duende (1977-2004)

Sans Souci announces the arrival of  the beautiful black and white 2 year old  Appaloosa filly WISDOM CREEK SWAN.   She not only has beautiful  Appaloosa color she also has a very Arabian type head.  Swan is very special and we sincerely thank Janet Leatherwood of Dixie Way Appaloosas for allowing us to purchase this lovely mare. We can hardly wait until next year when she can be bred to WARRANTY.

Sans Souci ended the year with a great show ring debut for the wonderful Dutch Harness/Arabian cross filly, SANS SOUCI WARRIOR DIVA. She came home with a blue in her Two and Under Half Arabian Mares class and a Futurity Championship!

Not bad for a 6 month old who had just been weaned that week!!

Of course she is huge and beautiful and definitely a contender in Yearling Sweepstakes for 2004.

NEWS FLASH: Grace has just been elected to the ARABIAN REGISTRY COMMISSION and to the ARABIAN BREEDERS SWEEPSTAKES COMMISSION. Serving on these commissions is a great honor and responsibility which she hopes to fulfill with insight, dedication and enthusiasm.

Be sure to check out our sales list. We are serious about cutting down to just a few mares and so have some real buys of quality breeding stock and potential show horses.


Book your mares early to a SANS SOUCI stallion (before Jan 31st) and receive a 10% discount on the breeding.



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